292 civilized

Civilized is a collection composed mainly of written texts augmented with musical and graphic illustrations. This collection will be issued on a weekly basis and each episode will propose a one-hour “reading” experience.



This is the story of six civilizations which have evolved independently from each other for several millennia on six different worlds. Each civilization incarnates the strategic spirit of a classic game (chess, poker, checkers, etc.). The story takes place right after the first encounters of these six civilizations on a seventh world, which will provoke diplomatic tensions, wars and social developments from which key characters will emerge.
Magic, technology, Gods and political ideals define these Civilizations. Set apart by their ambitions, they are brought together by the Space Awakening: each Civilization will have to face this new reality and make tough choices. They will have to learn about each other, whether they intend to live together peacefully or impose their dominion. In this world they don’t fully understand, notions of Good and Evil are replaced with concepts such as supremacy, freedom and mere survival – and it seems like the only choice lies between evolution or annihilation.


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